Empty Homes, Residential, CPO, Compulsory Purchase, Renovation, Renovation Grant, Re-purpose, development, refurbishment, grants, Local Government, Councils, Community
Empty Homes, Residential, CPO, Compulsory Purchase, Renovation, Renovation Grant, Re-purpose, development, refurbishment, grants, Local Government, Councils, Community

Sententia Empty Homes - £100 billion Hidden in Plain Sight


A straight forward and unique Empty Homes service for Leicester, Leicestershire and surrounding areas - keeping you in control of your home and maximising your opportunity.


A unique service that provides new services and opportunities for Local Authorities and the owners of Empty Homes 


  • Do you have an empty home and would like some independant advice and support?


  • Have you inhereted an empty house and would like to explore your options?


  • Do you own an empty house that you cannot afford to refurbish?


  • Are you living next door to or near an empty home and would like to see the property brought back to life?


  • Are you under pressure from a local council to sell your empty house or rent your empty home out? 


  • Are you about to be served with a Compulory Purchase Order and lose your property?


  • Are you a Local Authority who would welcome a new service model that is risk-free, zero-value; framework compliant and designed and supported by experts in the field and is tailored to the needs of Local Authorities?


  • Contact us direct, we're here to provide a positive outcome and help the home owner maximise the opportunities for their Empty Home and Local Authorities to re-energise the community - Emptyhomes@sententia-business.co.uk



Helping You to Re-purpose YOUR Empty Home

Take a look at our short information flyer. If we can help you with your Empty Home, we will. We offer a number of options that are transparent and approved by legal counsel and will only ever set out to deliver your chosen option.

For your assurance, Sententia are not property owners; nor property developers; we are a service provider dedicated to maximising the opportunities and value of your empty home and have no ambition to buy your empty home unless you specifically make that request.


Our Empty Homes Service

Designed with you in mind

Empty Homes

There are many reasons why you may be responsibe for an empty home and if you are not sure what your options are, we have a number of transparent choices available to help you. None of our options involve us buying your empty home at a knock-down price or any price for that matter.


It is Government policy to encourage all local authorities to locate and re-purpose (re-occupy) all empty homes in the UK and this may ultimately nvolve a Compulsory Purhase Order being served on your property.


If you do have an Empty Home, it is highly likely that your local council will require you to either sell your empty home or rent your empty home to a tenant on their waiting list


Press the "Learn more" button to email us directly and to find out how we may be able to help you and help you retain ownership of your property.

Estate Disputes

Our network of solicitors recognised that the Sententia Empty Homes programme was ideal for estate disputes or family bequests where the cost of refurbishment was prohibitive or the family could not agree on a way forward.


Often, a house has been left as a bequest but is in need of refurbishment before selling for a higher value or renting to a new occupier.


If you have an Empty Home stuck in a family dispute or family bequest and are not sure what your options are, we may be able to help you and your family release, redevelop or re-purpose the property.


If an elderly relative has gone into residential care and their home is now unoccupied, their empty home may be able to help with the costs of their adult social care whilst the family retains ownership.



Local Authorities

The Sententia Empty Homes service was painstakingly designed and fine-tuned in consultation with a local authority Empty Homes team and immediately recognosied by one of the UK's leading authorities on  empty homes re-purposing to be "perfect" and "valuable" for local authorities.


Framework compliant, we offer pilot projects, a "zero-value" contract service and no ties-ins or minumum activity to help local authorities increase the rate of empty home re-purposing and overcome some of the biggest and well known barriers to homeowner engagement.


We can also recycle local authority grant funds and in the case of a CPO, the local authority can benefit from an uplift in property value.


Please press the "Learn more" button to contact our specialist team.

Download - Helping Local Authorities re-purpose Empty Homes

Sententia's Empty Homes programme will be tailored to your requirements. We do not want to buy your Empty Home unless you want us to, we want to help you keep your empty home and ensure that your local council is happy with your choice. We work with a proven team and aim to complete your project within 13 weeks.


Sententia Empty Homes working with and supporting Local Authorities

Sententia's Empty Homes programme was specifically designed with the challenges of both the owners of Empty Homes and the ambitions and pressures of Local Authorities in mind.

Before launching the Sententia Empty Homes service the team at Sententia invested significant time working with a Local Authorities Empty Homes team, one of the UK's leading authorities on Empty Homes and numerous experts in finance, Estate Agency, property repairs and development to ensure that our service provided the best possible outcome for both the home owner and the local authority.

More detailed information is available in our downloadable Executive Summary and contact us for more information.



We work with a talented network of Solicitors, Builders, Estate Agents and Financiers  to deliver a unique and fast moving service to the owners of Empty Homes and Local Authorities.


If you would like to join our network and are willing to operate to our exacting standards, please get in touch via the "Apply Now" button below

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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment, please email: enquiries@sententia-business.co.uk


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