Networking, business, business support, business services
Networking, business, business support, business services

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If we can help, we will and if we can't, we probably know someone who can!

Tailored support from Business Professionals with the "Scars and T" shirts to match!

Finance for Business

From Start-up grants through to equity Investment, the team at Sententia have access to a wide spectrum of options and opportunites and solutions.


SENTENTIA can provide confidential Pre-Market Assessment, Market Research and Commercial Analysis for the Micro-SME market.


Business, Property or Commercial finance, we can help with business plans, discreet introductions to trusted financiers or investment presentations and pitches for that private all important investment.


We live in a world of Innovation and Start-up and are always keen to hear from new investors looking for new investment opportunities.

Business Start-Up

Confucius said "A journey of a thousand miles starts with but one small step"


Concepts, Ideas and Start-ups are our birth right and our home where Entrepreneurs can "take a long stride and move on"


We can provide Non-Disclosure Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, product design and placement strategies, materials and technology development and market research.


Our greatest success to date was identifying the commercial model that turned a £1m pre-market business into an invested business with a reported pre-market value in excess of £50m - before a single unit had been manufactured.


When is a concept no longer a concept? - When it has been proven to no longer be a concept.

Business Scale-Up

FACT: Most busines failures occur within 2 years of incorporation and this is often due to the lack of a planned growth strategy.


Having a trusted mentor and coach who understands your business at your side, makes the leap of faith in growing your business much easier.


Sententia, as Co-founders of The Innovation Pathway Group have access to European business networks and a plethora of ready-to-go opportunities that you may not even no exist.


If you are looking to scale-up and grow your business, Sententia may be able to help in a variety of ways.


First consultations are always free of charge so, give us a call, you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain.

Product Development

Development time and route to market continue to shorten as does the shelf-life of goods and services but all are critical to a successful new product launch.


If you are looking to develop a new product or service, we may be able to help speed the process up and open doors faster.

Market Research

We are able to provide confidential Market Research whether you are looking to expand, acquire a business or introduce a new product or service.

In a global economy there are threats and risks, but opportunities as well in all directions.


We always encourage any busines to "Look before you leap" to be certain of a safe and happy landing

Project Management

Looking for an expert to deliver a specific project?


Where projects require additional resources, Sententia can provide the short-term or even long-term confidential project management that allows your core team to concentrate on the core business.


With an extensive network of trusted experts our team have worked on local, national and £mulit-m international collaborative R&D and commercialisation projects from digital ecommerce through to advanced technologies. 

Performance Management  

Everything in life is about performance, never more so than in business...


The introduction and management of effective Performance Management and Review Systems will not only provide your employees with a rewarding and motivating working environment, but they will also ensure that your business can benchmark itself against both itself and its competition.


At Sententia we understand the critical importance and commercial benefits of Performance Management. It is only through Managing Performance that any business can fully motivate its team, provide clear targets and objectives and quantative analysis. It is also only through Performance Management that your business can effectively assess its own performance over time.


Engaging a SENTENTIA Performance Manager can provide your business with an inspirational pathway to improved business performance and can motivate both your customers and your suppliers to improve their performance.

Non Executive Directors

Your critical friends.


Many businesses enjoy the extra pairs of eyes and security of Non-Executive Directors. (NED's)


NED's are there to take an overview of your business and challenge and check the four most important aspects of your business: -


  • Strategy
  • Risk
  • Performance
  • People


Fundamentally, the non-executive directors role is to provide a creative contribution and improvement to the board by providing dispassionate and objective criticism.


If you would like to learn more about how NED's can contribute to your business success, please get in touch via the button below.

Interim Management

Looking for an expert to fill a short-term role or deliver a specific project?


We can provide highly confidential Interim Management on short, medium or longer-term placement allowing your business to develop new ideas and concepts without the responsibility of permanent recruitment.


Project Managing "Inosight" - A Tri-party international collaboration

Giving information, independence and safety to the less independent

Writing a Business Plan
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