IPG, Innovation Pathway Group, De Montfort University, Business Solutions
IPG, Innovation Pathway Group, De Montfort University, Business Solutions

The Innovation Pathway Group

Realising Dreams - Creating Opportunities - Bridging the Gap

Limitless Ambition


Drawing together a network of business specialists; Higher Education; funding, networks and research opportunities, the Innovation Pathway Group provides ‘on-demand,’ bespoke business support and growth programmes, tailored to the needs of individual businesses. The team of experienced, inter-disciplinary business leaders are able to re-energise existing products and systems and identify innovative solutions to the complex problems of today’s challenging business environment. 


Innovation is only one aspect of the Innovation Pathway Group with "pathway" being the most important word - at IPG we develop pathways to match your business goals and aspirations and through informal breakfast meetings, targeted workshops, seminars and events we meet with clients and partners, learn about your ideas and challenges and promote endless UK, European and International opportunities.


The Group draw on a wealth of experience from entrepreneurs, commercialization and communication experts, Angel Investment and market flotation experts, Project Managers, Coaches and Mentors; WEB design, Information Technology and Marketing experts, App Developers; Social Media and Intellectual Property experts in addition to direct access to a wide range of universities and business networks opening the doors to substantial innovation grants, research facilities and collaborations.


If you think we can help or would just like to “bounce” your idea off us with guaranteed confidentiality, please send an email to - Info@innovationpathway


The Innovation Pathway Group 

Bridging the Gap between Opportunitiy and Success


Businesses of all sizes benefit from our collaboration and partnering services, bringing together specialist companies for mutual benefit, linking key elements of product development and manufacturing with supply chain services; finance, R&D, marketing; SEO and PR.


Examples of our activity include: -

  • Financial plan and equity investment support for an off-shore start-up equestrian polo club
  • Long-term; full-service support for new FMCG product design and commercialisation
  • Branding and marketing strategies delivering worldwide success for a new UK based fashion brand
  • £1.5m collaborative clean technologies R&D project with India Institute of Technology, a global green energy company and UK technology partners.
  • Strategic planning and implementation of ethical SEO techniques that delivered fast, breakthrough; organic rankings for a UK based start-up.
  • UK grant funding for design and patent of fast-fix solar PV fixings
  • Long-term support for innovations in gas spike control and efficiency in industrial applications.


Working with known partners ensures that your Intellectual Property and commercial aspiration is respected and protected and all parties are ultimately working towards a common goal.


Press the "learn more" button below to learn more about IPG and how we can help.


Things become much clearer when you collaborate and some of the most successful projects rely on and benefit from "collaboration".


Collaborating with complimentary businesses,  Higher Education, specialist faculties, Research & Development services or Funding programmes will inherently shorten the journey time, leverage expertise and mitigate risk.


Our ability to work with and form proactive collaborations, be that here in the UK, Europe or Internationally ensures that no project is either too small, too large or too blue-sky.


IPG has established direct relationships with numerous universities allowing us to leverage specialist faculties, implement research projects, target student internships and a number of other client-based opportunities.


For those universities that we do not yet know, we know how to open those doors and get to the key people.

  • Development of new medical technology in renal and dialysis units
  • Grant funded Aeroponics research with Durham University suited to disaster and famine areas
  • £850,000 UK – Mexico collaborative Bio-fuel Industrial Research & Development project
  • Advancement and commercialisation partnerships for advanced fuel and tyre technologies


Where appropriate, IPG will be your independant Project Managers, coordinating and reporting on your project leaving you free to concentrate on your business of today whilst your business for tomorrow is being created on your behalf.


Press the "learn more" button below to learn more about IPG and how we can help.

Bridging the Gap

Bringing the right partners together to deliver mutually beneficial success and recognition is a geat way of levergaing expert resources, minimising development time, accessing finance and mitigating risk.


Mainstream business support services do not maximise the opportunities available to businesses and society with a tendancy to be focused within one geographic area.


Here at IPG we are different and we recognise that businesses are not and should not be constrained by geography and bridging the gap between opportunity and aspiration is key to the work of IPG.


If the expert support that you need is in another region or even another country, then that is where we will research, validate and engage the expert.


At IPG we bridge the fundamental, but immensley valuable gaps between:- 


  • Mainstream Business Support and business opportunities.
  • Business and International Collaboration
  • UK and non-UK Commercial Opportunities


Knowing the right people and having access to various networks ensures that IPG can identify and engage with hundreds of opportunities.


Through our networks we have access to endles research, innovation, commercial and tech-based opportunities and will work tirelessly to ensure that our clients achieve the maximum benefit from working with IPG.


Press the button below to get in touch with IPG and learn more about how IPG can help.

IPG Hosted event

Building valuable networks

To fully exploit research, ideas and commercial opportunities, the Innovation Pathway Group can also help with: -

  • Start-up funding.
  • Manufacturing development support.
  • Fully and part-funded funded Higher Education research projects.
  • Export and Import opportunities through a pan-European business network.
  • Pan-European Research and Commercialisation opportunities.
  • UK and international research grants and collaboration opportunities.
  • Research & Development Tax credits.
  • Grant funding,
  • Peer to Peer funding,
  • Private Equity Investment; investment pitching.
  • Competitor Intelligence, Due Diligence and market research.


Download our Innovation Pathway Group Presentation @ De Montfort Uni

Jenny Rohde, Jones Newton - Strategic Marketing. Kevin Ross, Nixor Consulting - LEAN Consultant. Lewis Stringer, British Business Bank, Midlands Engine Investment Fund - Senior Relationship Manager. Dr David Gordon, De Montfort University, Associate Professor.


Be part of The Innovation Pathway Group

Higher Education

We know just how hard it is for Universities to engage with the SME business community.


We also know just how valuable a business-university engagement should be and can be.


IPG works with a number of universities with strong links to key personnel and we are always keen to hear from other universites and faculties about your offer and how we can help.


We are delighted to and will help with business engagement strategies, promote student internships and student project opportunities, collaborative research and grant applications, encourage KTP's and support business-facing projects. 


Press the Contact IPG button below and we'll be delighted to explore every opportunity with you.


The team at IPG are always keen to hear from and expand our network of like-minded experts.


Where you are located does not matter, it is your expertise and business insight that is valuable to business.


IPG has a vision that will see a a national network of IPG Hubs in every county and managed by like-minded people.


Of course, nothing in life is free  so our business model is based on a revenue share.


If you would like to learn more, please contact us via the "Contact IPG" button below.


From a Fashion champion re-writing the rules on student training and development or helping Sal taking Brand GB to India or  securing investment for an off-shore Equestrian Polo Club, we have worked with some ground-breaking initiatives.


One of our Digital Marketing experts turned a small e-commerce idea into a global brand, whilst others have worked with international fuel additives and £multi-m bio-fuel innovation and collaboration. 


IPG's view is simple "The world is full of opportunities underpinned by our vision of limitless ambition" and we have certainly worked with some amazing businesses and ideas both here in the UK and internationally.


Big or small, evolution or radical curve-ball, we are here to help you maximise your opportunities.


If you would like to talk to us in complete confidence, please make contact via the Contact IPG button below.


Hosts, Sponsors and Showcase Businesses

IPG holds various events throughout the year including informal breakfast meetings, sponsored events, seminars and targeted workshops to make it as easy as possible for everyone to network, promote their business and learn about the latest opportunities.


We are always keen to hear from and showcase local businesses that most people have probably never heard of; but are at the top of their game.


Businesses within our network are able to host IPG events,  increase their business profile and meet new potential clients or identify opportunities for their own clients.


The opportunities are limitless and we are always keen to collaborate with other businesses.


Please contact us if working with IPG appeals to you. 


Innovation Pathway Group Brochure


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